Surviving a cold

It was something I feared, but was ultimately inevitable. I caught a cold while my mouth was banded shut.

My son recently came down with RSV and a double ear infection. All three of my kids attend daycare full time. And I’m pretty sure sure that it’s the height of flu and cold season.

The first challenge was, how on earth do I take care of the baby while he cannot attend daycare? That answer was simple: I couldn’t. Thank GOD my sister was up visiting from Florida last week. She stayed with us for several days and did a great job taking care of the baby.

The second challenge of course was taking care of myself. Although those of us undergoing jaw surgery are encouraged to “suppress sneezes,” I have to admit that I’ve given into the urge once or twice. I may have mentioned this in another post, but sneezing with your jaw immobilized feels like both sets of teeth smashing against a concrete floor. Having a cold gives this experience the added pleasure of snot literally exploding all over your face. Coughing is ridculous. I guess I need to open my mouth to cough, because it’s not effective otherwise. My mom tried to teach me something where you try to put your tongue at the roof of your mouth or something. Didn’t work for me. I’ve had the displeasure of having to swallow phlegmn on more than one occasion. And then there are the general issues of having to sleep upright and the fact that I’m calorie deprived

Here are some things that worked for me:
1. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. This was a bit tricky when the baby was home, and on Monday when everyone but my husband had the day off. The only reason I was able to get sleep was thanks to all the people who were there to help with the kids. Today, I was finally home alone again and declared a bed rest day, where my biggest accomplishment was taking a shower.
2. Hot liquids: tea and soup. Most notable is the excellent minestrone soup made by my brother in law. He used white beans, which made the soup very creamy when blended and strained. The teas actually came from my stocking this year and feature something called pink pepper chai.
3. C.O. Bigelow Menthe Lip gloss from Bath & Body Works. Some friends recommended this to me as I was looking for a gloss that would give me a little color without transferring on my bands. This fit the bill, and had the added bonus of soothing my lips and nose (through the smell) while I was sick.
4. Sticking with the Bath & Body Works theme, taking hot baths with Twisted Peppermint bubble bath has also been extremely soothing.
5. Keeping tissues wherever I go. I think I went through every box of tissues at my sisyer’s house. Today I’ve had to keep one in the waistband of my sweats because I didn’t have pockets and the sneezes sneak up on you quickly. Like now….

Ugh. Another snot explosion!


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