My culinary hits and misses

In honor of my next doctor appointment tomorrow (please, God, let me be able to progress to “mushables” in time for Christmas!), I thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of my culinary triumphs and disasters.

First, I must comment that I am annoyed that after near starvation for two weeks, I was only down four pounds at last check. Let me be clear: the only reason that bothers me is I wonder what I would be losing if I wasn’t on this forced diet and I worry about what will happen when I can eat again. Anyhow, the bottom line is that it’s almost too much trouble to eat right now. I have to blend and strain everything except for Low Sodium V8 and Boost Glucose Control drinks. Plus, other than plain water or chicken broth, all food must be injected into the back of my mouth via syringe. Yummy, huh? I must add that even my own sister didn’t have the heart to tell me I had dribbled my shake down my chin this afternoon.

Anyway, here are the high points (all mixed with generous helpings of Benefiber, which I would recommend as a painless way to gain fiber in your diet!):
* Imagine Organic Low Sodium Tomato Soup – yum, yum, yum
* Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth and Vegetable Broth – not so tasty on their own, but a necessary blender helper
* Any flavor Yoplait Light mixed with equal part skim milk. Berry and/or pineapple flavors must be strained. All delicious. I found the Apple Turnover and Boston Cream Pie flavors to be particularly good.
* Chocolate banana milkshake – so far, this is my all time favorite thing to eat. Made low sugar, but I think the fresh banana is what makes it taste so great.
* Healthy Choice Chicken with Rice soup – properly blended with additional broth and strained, this was tasty and made me feel a little more full. Wish they offered a brand with brown rice. White rice does not equal healthy, people!
* Boost Glucose Control in Vanilla and Chocolate – both taste like chemicals, but I’m scoring them highly because of their ease of use and general nutrition. Just one small bottle has 16 grams of protein and the lowest sugar I could find in a meal replacement drink!! Mixed with a cup of skim milk, I feel like I’m getting good vitamins and minerals at least. Not very filling though.
* “Pumpkin Pie” shake: 1 part canned pumpkin to two parts low sugar vanilla ice cream, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 cup skim milk, dash of real maple syrup, 1/2 crumbled up graham cracker. Yummy!!!! I plan to experiment with this in alcohol form at the appropriate time.

* Campbells select Chicken Tortilla Soup – no amount of blending/straining seemed to make this soup OK tp inject. I really wanted it to work, particularly when Patrick brought home Chipolte for himself and the girls. As a side note, I had to beg him to stop talking about how good the chips were (he wasn’t doing it to be mean to me, he was talking to the girls). Anyway, I may give this another shot when I move up to mushables.
* Lean Cuisine – Chicken Mediterranean. Same problems as above. It may sound gross, but the taste was really OK – blended with vegetable broth and strained, texture would not work. Will try again during mushable stage.
* Pumpkin donut shake – so, I was thinking that people dunk donuts in coffee, right? Somehow, this just did not blend well and had a gummy texture. Kind of a good thing it didn’t work, as I don’t think I should be downing donuts right now.

Several people have asked me what foods I miss the most. That’s super easy. * Popcorn (and it’s probably going to be a loooooong time before I get to enjoy that again. It’s to the point that I will avoid seeing movies, as I do not believe it possible to see a movie without getting popcorn. My sister and I briefly mused on the possibility of just using A LOT of golden topping to mush it down. Yes, I know movie popcorn is one of the absolute worst things you can eat, but I’d rather splurge on that than most other foods.
* Except maybe pizza. Every time I see it, smell it, it’s torture. Patrick has brought it home a couple of times. I know it’s more of a survival tactic for him since he’s asking like a single dad of three toddlers/babies, but it just hurts. I’ve read web accounts of others who have blended pizza, but never heard of it coming out good.
* Hamburgers – my plastic surgeon tells me that I may never be able to eat a thick burger again since I will have lost the ability to open my mouth very wide. This makes me a little sad even though I usually eat burgers with a fork and knife (no bun) anyway. MMMM…..still, just thinking about a juicy burger, freshly grilled, lettuce tomato pickles, mmmmmm…..

I’ll find out the verdict tomorrow – will I be able to progress to mushables?

Stay tuned….


3 thoughts on “My culinary hits and misses

  1. omg how about if i make u chicken soup with brown rice and blend it? how about cream broccolli or asparagus soup creamed and blended give me some ideas…..
    butternut soup thinned out?

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