Blogs of Facebook friends that I would totally read

Here are 10 Facebook friends who I wish would start a blog and why (no particular order):

1.  Tracy Winslow – (RI high school) – because she’s freaking hilarious.  Or maybe it’s just that her two little girls are hilarious.  In any event, no other FB friend’s status updates make me laugh louder (out loud) than Tracy’s do.  I can only imagine her blog would be hysterical.

2.  Dana Dore Nicholas – (RI high school) – much like #1, find her status updates very funny.  Think she’d have a very insightful and funny blog about life.  Or something.

3.  Heather Sullivan – (college/family) – not to embarrass her (but I will!), but this lady swore to us at Holy Cross that she “did not sweat” and I would never imagine that she would turn into this rockstar running chick.  Recently ran a half-marathon, I’m still waiting to hear that she’s going to run Boston, I would love to hear more about her transformation to athlete.  Running has become a daily part of her life and would make for interesting reading.  If that doesn’t work, she can always blog about her strange and crazy dreams.  If you don’t believe me, just ask her about them!

4. and 5.  Ryan and Mercedes Sullivan – (family) – they are the “world travelers” of our family.  They’ve lived in Mexico, Australia, and have been to India, Tahiti (?) and a bunch of other places I’m sure I’m forgetting.  I need a blog just to keep up with them and to make them feel closer when they move to the southern US later this year.  Plus, they are also superfunny and insightful about life.  I suspect that Ryan is secretly penning his first novel while they are on the road, but I’ve been suspecting that for years.

6. Todd Hunter (NH high school) – Todd is very involved with theater (acting and directing, I think) and a big movie buff.  As someone who really wanted to be an actress growing up, I have a ton of respect for him that he’s out there doing it (and a bit jealous, no doubt!).  I love reading his posts about various movies/directors/etc. and would love to hear even more.  He also has something to say about politics/current events.  Even though I don’t always agree with his perspective, he’s not afraid to put something out for debate.

7.  Cara Nancarrow Koprowski (NH middle school) – Cara puts to rest any notion that being a stay at home mom is easy.  In addition to taking care of her home and two school-age kids, she volunteers at school and somehow balances a jam packed social calendar and tons of friends.  Just reading about everything she has going on makes me tired!  My impression from her pics is that her house is always clean and she always looks fabulous.  I bet I could learn a thing or two from her blog.

8. Allie Evans – (RI high school) – Allie exudes positive energy like no one else.  She was always a sweet person, even in high school (and how many people can you really say that about???).  I could use a dose of her daily affirmations and try to understand how someone can be so positive so much of the time.

9.  Warren Dennis Smale – (college) – Warren is one of my husband’s frat brothers and he’s always doing something – travelling somewhere cool, seeing friends, etc.  Since Patrick refuses to do anything remotely social online, Warren is one of my lifelines to keep Patrick up on his brothers.  As a plus, Warren is also super involved at WPI as an alumn and one of these years, will convince Pat to come out to homecoming.  Oh yeah, all of Patrick’s friends call him Pat, which sounds so strange to me!

10.  Matt Gendron – (family) – because otherwise, I’d probably have no idea what he’s up to.  Seriously, though, I imagine that Matty does really cool things when he’s not working. In my mind, he’s always seeing great shows, trying out new hot spots and generally enjoying life.  It was a very strange situation at work a few weeks ago when I got introduced as “Matty Gendron’s sister”!  First of all, I’m literally 12 years older than he is, so that probably sounded weird.  Second, I’m the oldest!  Everyone should be introduced as “Melissa Sullivan’s brother or sister”.


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